And the award goes to Pirouline’s Dark Chocolate Wafer for Best Sweet of 2019. 

“We’re honored to hold the first-ever SnackNation Insights Awards title for Best Sweet in an Established Brand,” said fourth-generation family owner Herwig DeBeukelaer.

The sweet teeth of America ranked Pirouline highest overall out of the more than 2,000 brands SnackNation delivers to people nationwide. If you’re not familiar with the company, the snack delivery service distributes better-for-you snacks to half a million consumers, both at home and in thousands of offices.

“The SnackNation Insights Awards are a great way to showcase our data capabilities while celebrating all of the emerging brands that are working hard to bring better-for-you foods to consumers across America,” said SnackNation CEO and Co-Founder Sean Kelly.

Here’s how it works. SnackNation combined millions of data points and used online surveys to decide the country’s most popular snacks in these eight categories:

Best Packaging

Best Bar

Best Jerky & Meat

Best Chip & Crisp

Best Puff

Best Sweet

Best Fruit

The score was based on an overall product rating on a scale of 1-5 (1= Disliked, 5=Loved), and Pirouline’s Dark Chocolate wafer scored 4.38!

If you haven’t tried our winning wafer, it’s our classic crispy cookie filled with a decadent dark chocolate crème center. On the outer layer, you’ll find our famous signature swirl. It’s reassurance that you’re enjoying an original Pirouline rolled wafer made fresh in our Mississippi bakery.

According to SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly, all products that appear in SnackNation boxes must meet industry-leading quality standards, pass an internal tasting panel and comply with the company’s banned ingredient list.  “Working with purpose-driven brands every day is a huge privilege, and it feels great to honor the best of the best.”

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