When Peter and Mireille DeBeukelaer poured their heart and soul into a bakery in Madison, Mississippi, 35 years ago, they did it with purpose. They wanted to plant roots in a community and build their bakery using people who would embrace their dream.  While they pursued their passion for baking the freshest rolled wafer in America, they simultaneously worked on building a sense of community in Madison. 

Peter and Mireille fell instantly in love with this small town and its wonderful people. We like to believe that Madison also fell in love with Pirouline. Madison welcomed Pirouline with open arms from day one. The DeBeukelaer family has since focused on giving back to Madison, participating in community events and local charities. They also strive to share the spirit of their American dream with everyone they encounter. 

We have built the most experienced and highly trained team you can find and taught them to care about those things that Pirouline values most: opportunity, legacy, family, honesty, and people. They are experts in every aspect of the work of creating and baking the finest rolled wafers available anywhere. 

Our employees are our family.  We treat each other with respect and kindness.  If you ever talk to someone at our bakery, you will hear their story of starting 5, 10, even 15 years ago. Many will tell you that it’s the last job they will ever have. 

We make this happen by identifying our team members’ strengths, training them for growth, and rewarding them for their loyalty. Nothing is more important to Pirouline than the people who dedicate their days, and their careers, to our shared passion for rolling the perfect wafer.  

But there is another important reason we’ve made our home here. Our rolled wafers go from the bakery ovens to your store shelves in a matter of days, guaranteeing unmatched freshness.  Compare that to our competitors who make their rolled wafers in overseas factories and then ship them to the States in huge shipping crates that can spend weeks on the open water. Yes, our swirl is our signature.  But the light, flaky, deliciousness is our difference.  

And it is for all of these reasons that we believe Piroulines just taste better.  We hope you savor and enjoy them during all of your magical moments. For us, the magic begins right in our bakery here in Madison, Mississippi.