It takes more than sugar and spice to stay in love for 25 years; just ask Hector and Maria Trinidad. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we decided to ask the happy couple the secret to their success. Maria is a Machine Operator, and Hector is a Warehouse Coordinator inside our Madison, Mississippi bakery. They often take their breaks together, and Hector will even make his way to the floor to help Maria on occasion. Each day they practice patience and understanding, ingredients they’ve used to create a lifetime of happiness.

According to Hector, the key to staying married so long is communication. They make it a point to talk every day and live by the motto, “Never Go To Bed Angry.” Maria values honesty and believes it’s essential not to keep secrets.

Hector also thinks it’s important to remind your significant other how much you care. His favorite way to do so is leaving Maria sweet notes and cards. They can be for a special occasion or just because he’s thinking of her. “As soon as I laid my eyes on her, I knew she was the one,” said Hector.

The couple also makes it a priority to spend time with their three daughters and grandchildren  – something they plan to do this Valentine’s Day. While dinner and a movie sound nice, Maria said, their perfect day is pretty simple. “Just being with him makes me happy.” It’s quite possibly the secret ingredient to their 25-year love story.