You can dip, stick, and eat a Pirouline with almost every dessert in the book or by itself, but this week, we’re giving you the inside dish on what not to pair our magical wafers with this holiday season. Your taste buds can thank us later! 

While it’s obvious that pasta and Piroulines or sushi and swirls don’t go hand in hand, there are a few not so obvious duos that we recommend staying away from.  

Halloween Candy

October is all about sweet treats, and we hope you include Pirouline in your selection of goodies this fall. However, you must BEWARE that Pirouline and any sort of sour candy just do not mix well. When you bite into a Pirouline, you’ll taste a flaky wafer that dissolves into an explosion of chocolate hazelnut, dark chocolate, pumpkin spice, or any of our delicious flavors. Conversely, you’ll be shocked by the tartness and acidity that comes with snacking on fruity or sour candy- not what we are going for here. 

Thanksgiving Dinner

We have a lot of things to be thankful for at Pirouline this year, including our incredible Pirouline family. If you have Piroulines on your table, you might get carried away with dipping them into your cranberry sauce, gravy, or even the mashed potatoes. Gross. We are all for being original around here (hence the one and only magical cookie with a swirl), but we recommend saving our wafers for dessert. 

Don’t freak out; we have a ton of ways for you to enjoy Pirouline throughout the season. Here are some recipes our beloved wafers go perfect with like Pumpkin Muffins, Gingerbread Trees, and Cookie Bark
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