Ask, and you shall receive; our Vanilla Crème Wafers are here to stay thanks to popular demand. After receiving tons of pleading letters from our fans over the years, we decided it was time to add Vanilla to our list of year-round flavors, including Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut.

The popular wafer was first introduced as a Limited Time Only product back in February of 2014. We only produced Vanilla for three months during its first year, but over time the wafer’s popularity called for an extended baking season.

Vanilla’s fan following didn’t come as much of a surprise knowing the amount of time and effort our bakers put into formulating, testing, and refining its recipe. According to Operations Manager Scott Beaube, the cookie’s unique flavor profile took about a year to create and called for some new ingredients. The wafer also required a special horizontal mixer to create its fluffy crème filling.

While our Vanilla Crème Wafer broke the mold when it came to its delicious crème filling, the surrounding wafer and signature swirl remained true to our classic formula. Founder Peter DeBeukelaer created and trademarked the cylindrical swirl as a way to assure consumers that even without packaging, they would always know they were enjoying a Pirouline rolled wafer — which was made in America.

If all this talk of Vanilla has left you craving our crispy wafers, you can now find them in our leading retail partners including; Ross, DD’s Discounts, Bealls, Burlington, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Christmas Tree Shops, Big Lots, Macy’s Backstage and At Home.