The “Pirou-moji” is hot off the presses and ready for your text messages. After months of discussions and hundreds of sketches, Pirouline is finally releasing 33 different emojis that bring our magical wafers to life.

It started back in 2017 when the Pirouline family was looking for ways to give their signature cookie a larger-than-life personality. They wanted something that would match the fun and hardworking nature of their extended work family. So, it seemed only fitting to create a set of emojis that mirrored the values and real-life members of our team.

Working Late: With the original sketch in the corner, you can see “Working Late” was inspired by someone who often stays after hours to make sure things are running smoothly. This tireless little wafer was modeled after our fearless leader and fourth-generation owner, Herwig DeBeukelaer. 

Family Time: This next emoji represents one of our core values, the importance of family. Not only is Pirouline a family-owned business, but we also believe that each member of our team is part of our larger family. 

Vacation/Travel: This little guy represents our adventurous spirit and the hard work of our Sales Team. We know it’s not easy traveling the globe to make sure our signature wafers make it to our loyal customers, but we sure do appreciate it!


Happy Birthday: This sweet Dark Chocolate Wafer represents everyone that’s picked Pirouline to help celebrate something special. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or an afternoon on the porch with grandma, we’re so grateful to be part of your magical moments. We hope our emojis will become another way to create memories.

Here’s how you can get your free Pirouline emojis. Go to the App Store and type “Pirouline Sticker Pack v2.” Press “Open” and the “Pirouline Sticker Pack” will download to your App Bar. Once there, you’ll see a logo with our signature red “P.” Just press the button, pick your favorite, and add it to your text. At this time, the stickers are only available for iPhone users.