Like each wafer, each person at our Pirouline bakery matters. 

Meet Maria Luisa Garcia Trinidad.

If you walk our bakery floor, you will likely notice her big beaming smile.  Like many others at our Madison, Mississippi bakery, she found an opportunity to be a part of our team through the help of a friend.

At their recommendation, she applied. For the last 10 years, Maria has brought a big heart, an incredible work ethic, and her beautiful smile to the Pirouline bakery.  Before joining our family, Maria stayed at home caring for hers. Maria brings that same tenderness to her role at the bakery, ensuring each Pirouline meets your expectations.

“I enjoy working in a team that works together to make a great product,” Maria said with a smile.  Some things really can be short and sweet. 

Maria says one of the events that warms her heart is Pirouline’s annual meeting and cookout, where we celebrate all of the employees and their accomplishments with lots of food and games. She loves the bonding and laughter of this “family reunion.”

While her favorite Pirouline flavor is Chocolate Hazelnut, she only allows herself to indulge in two wafers a day. We like to think that any day you get to snack on a Pirouline is a good one. 

The next time you are enjoying a Pirouline, you can know that Maria’s care and passion are in every bite. 

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