People often overlook the fact that although Pirouline is a good-size company and able to produce hundreds of thousands of rolled wafers a year, we are still a bakery! And just like any baker working on a recipe, we have to have all the right ingredients in place at the right time to make the best product. One of our best ingredients is our people who each bring a different set of skills to the bakery and work together to make the world’s best rolled wafer.


Three and a half years ago, Kyle Harris was working for a construction company in Auburn, Alabama as a residential electrician. Back then, if you asked him if he ever thought he would work for a giant bakery, chances are he would have said “no way!” But like many good stories, Harris followed his heart and his now-wife to her hometown of Madison, Mississippi, where he was introduced to the one and only magical cookie with a swirl.


We hired Harris because his electrician skills and construction knowledge made him an excellent choice for overseeing that the machinery in the bakery is running smoothly at all times. Inside the bakery are giant, custom-made machines that replicate giant mixing bowls, funnels, and anything else you’d see in a bakery… just bigger! Harris’ job is also to fix any machinery as issues come up, so his problem-solving skills must be sharp.


Although Pirouline has been using the same tasty recipe for decades, the machines used to produce Piroulines are often updated and improved – one thing Harris says he loves about his job. But more than that – Harris says his favorite thing about working at Pirouline has nothing to do with tools or machinery.


“Forming relationships with my co-workers (is my favorite thing). I have built many relationships through Pirouline,” Harris said.


When Harris is not making sure our bakery is in tip-top shape, he coaches football at a small private school in Ridgeland, Mississippi. But when he is working, you might catch him eat 6-10 of his favorite strawberry wafers in between tasks.


Thanks, Kyle, for your hard work and great attitude.

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