We often celebrate the magical moments in our bakery when we spotlight the wonderful people who have worked with our family for ten, twenty, or thirty years.

But we also experience that same magic when someone young and energetic joins our team. Jarvarius Brock is that someone, and his smile matches his enormous love for serving the Pirouline family.

This week, we had the privilege to talk all things Pirouline with one of our newer employees from Canton, Mississippi.  

He’s only 21, but you wouldn’t know that from his incredible work ethic.  Armed with his tool-belt and can-do attitude, Jarvarius has a knack for keeping things running smoothly as part of the Pirouline maintenance team. 

Jarvarius has a tough job. He is responsible for making sure every machine in the bakery is running properly. No pressure at all, right?

He enjoys working with others to provide general and preventative maintenance at the bakery.  He could be responsible for changing the settings or date codes on one of our machines, or he could be focusing on prepping the line and making sure the machines are all switched over to run that size item, like changing from our 14.1oz tins to the 40oz.

That’s a lot of responsibility for most 21-year-olds. Jarvarius handles it with poise and pride, and our team respects him for the way he approaches his work. 

“My coworkers treat me like family,” he shared.

When we asked him what his favorite flavor was, he was beaming about our seasonal Pumpkin Spice-flavored Piroulines.  

Jarvarius’s favorite story of Pirouline is how Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mireille started the organization with a dream. We see a bright future for Jarvarius here at Pirouline and hope we can share his story 20 years from now like many of his teammates who have grown up here.

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