2019 is an exciting year for Pirouline because it marks the 35th anniversary of when we first opened our bakery doors in America. So much has changed in 35 years around the bakery! We have seen people join our family and move on. We have seen our cookie tins’ designs shift from traditional to a modern look that reflects who Pirouline is, 35 years later. Even the way we produce our famous rolled wafers has changed as the demand has grown.


When we look back on 35 years, some things have remained consistent such as our recipes, our belief in the American Dream, and some faces around the factory that are very much family. One of those people that contributes to the magic of Pirouline is Gailia Lindsey.


25 Years and Counting


25 years ago, Gailia was a stay at home mom looking for a new way to provide for her family. She applied to Pirouline’s bakery, the Debeukelaer Cookie Company, for a temp position. But her charm and dedication to her work caught the eye of her supervisors, who knew she had something special to offer Pirouline. Gailia has gone from packing cookies on the line to working her way up as line leader, and now she works on the production floor where she oversees samples. Gailia says she loves this role because she loves working with people and making different sample cookies. (Speaking of sampling cookies – Gailia says you can find her seeking our 2-3 Pumpkin Spice rolled wafers a day when they’re being baked, which is her favorite flavor Pirouline!)


Pirouline holds a special place in Gailia’s heart, not only because it was her first job, but because of what it has done for her personally.


“Pirouline has brought me to where I am today,” Gailia said. “It’s a good environment with good human resources and a great place to work!”


People will always be the magic of Pirouline.


A quarter of a century has come and gone with successes – and challenges. Something that Gailia is proud of is the way that Pirouline has always provided a place for her in the bakery – despite recessions, seasons of life, changes to the community, or other obstacles. When you’re on the team at Pirouline, you’re family – and we believe our cookies wouldn’t be magical without the way the Pirouline family works together to make such a special rolled wafer.


People will always be the magic of Pirouline.


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