Just as unique as each batch of our famously rolled wafers, Pirouline is a family of people with all different stories, backgrounds, and dreams.  Each month we will highlight and celebrate an individual in our company that helps to make Pirouline the bakery and community that it is.


When David Bates was 21 years old, he found himself tired of working at a grocery store and started to seek full-time opportunities. After a few weeks, Bates accepted a role at Pirouline working in sanitation – a position in which he soon came to enjoy.

It wasn’t long before Bates’ supervisors could recognize his work ethic, integrity, and friendly attitude, so when another opportunity within Pirouline opened up in shipping, his supervisors supported and encouraged him to apply – knowing he was someone with an extreme amount of skill and potential.

“That made me feel like I was a part of the team,” said Bates, as he recalled the defining moment in his career.

The Canton native didn’t stop there.  Like many other employees at Pirouline, he was encouraged to keep growing within the company.  Seventeen years later, he is a batching supervisor. Bates currently oversees the production of dough, crème, and raw materials in the warehouse.  Despite his longevity with Pirouline, David says that he is still learning.

“I have enjoyed my experience here at Pirouline, and I am continuing to learn new things with the company each year.”

Bates can be found snacking on his favorite flavor Pirouline, Vanilla, and says his favorite thing about working is the people.  He also jokes that he really enjoys eating all the wafers.


“All jokes to the side – I love Pirouline because it is a company that continues to grow while supporting the growth of its employees!”


Thank you, David, for your love and dedication to making the best rolled wafers in the world, and for being a part of the Pirouline team!


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