The Pirouline bakery doesn’t feel quite the same since long-time employee Ms. Jeanette Daniel retired on October 31st of last year. That day marked exactly 35-years since she started her job on the production floor in 1984. That’s also the year the Madison, Mississippi bakery opened its doors for the very first time, making Ms. Jeanette one of Pirouline’s very first employees. Over her more than three-decade career, she changed roles from Packer to Line Leader, but her ability to make people laugh remained unchanged.

Supervisor Cynthia Benfield worked with Ms. Jeanette for 32 years and described her as outspoken, yet sweet. She was known around the bakery for her sense of humor, according to Cynthia. “The day she retired was very emotional, not just for her, but for all of us.”

However, it wasn’t all tears on Ms. Jeanette’s last day; there was also plenty of celebrating. During her final shift, all her co-workers gathered to wish her farewell and eat cake. Pirouline also held a large dinner at one of Ms. Jeanette’s favorite restaurants. That’s where our team presented her with a large glass vase that was engraved with her name and 35-years.“I couldn’t stop crying; I hate saying goodbye, but getting my retirement vase was special.”

These days, Ms. Jeanette spends most of her time relaxing at home with her dog. While she’s enjoyed catching up on her favorite TV shows, she misses socializing with her friends at the bakery.

Benfield thinks about Ms. Jeanette often too. “She gave me some earrings, and I wear them all the time. I think of her every time I wear them.”

As for the rest of her former co-workers, Ms. Jeanette wants to leave them with a gift as well. “Make sure you have a retirement plan and take advantage of the opportunities to advance within the company,” said Ms. Jeanette. Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to laugh!