Did you know about 45% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution? Unfortunately, those motivated individuals tend to lose their willpower as the year moves forward. Only eight percent stick with their resolutions through the end of the year.

But those statistics don’t scare us! There’s still plenty of motivation inside the Pirouline bakery. Here are some of our resolutions for 2020.

  • Will Harris – Material Handler – Resolution: Move up in the company.
  • Joseph Otto – Reimelt Operator – Resolution: Spend more time with his kids.
  • Chad Hulitt – Tin Plant-Tech – Resolution: Have a closer relationship with God.
  • Chelsea Rockett – Machine Operator – Resolution: Buy her first home.
  • Darina Young – Sanitation Worker – Resolution: Lose weight and get healthy.
  • Tracy Williams – Machine Operator – Resolution: “Don’t talk, Just Do It.”
  • Roshawn James – Baker Apprentice – Resolution: To become a master baker.
  • Charles Blackmon – Reimelt Operator – Resolution:  To make more money.
  • Aron Watkins – Production Loader – Resolution: Go back to church.
  • Jerome Williams – Maintenance Tech – Resolution: To lose weight.

If you’re planning to join us on our quest to beat the odds, here’s a few more statistics to keep in mind.

Studies show, women are more likely to make a New Year’s resolution, but it’s actually men who are better at keeping them. When it comes to resolutions like; eating better, exercising more, and getting enough sleep, men reported a seven to 17% higher success rate.

Remember, 31 days will go by fast. If you can make it through January, you significantly increase your chances of achieving your goal. The catch, roughly one in three people will not even last the first month. 

Try enlisting some help, having someone cheer you on is a great way to stay on track. Almost 60% of people who had someone help monitor their progress eventually achieved their goal. That’s compared to just 29% who did it alone.

Keep in mind, these are just statistics and they certainly, don’t dictate your story. Here at Pirouline, we believe anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the work. Cheers to accomplishing your goals in 2020!