Did you know Pirouline’s rolled wafers go from bakery ovens to store shelves in a matter of days? It’s all possible, thanks to Peter and Mireille DeBeukelaer’s American Dream.

In 1984, Pirouline founders Peter and Mireille poured their heart and soul into a bakery in Madison, Mississippi. They really wanted to plant their roots in a community. That’s why it was important to not only build a place to make their signature rolled wafers but also a place where they could create long-lasting relationships with people who embraced their vision.

The story goes, Peter and Mireille fell instantly in love with Madison, but we’d like to believe the small town also fell in love with Pirouline. Over the years, the DeBeukelaers have instilled a sense of family into their daily operations.

Many of their Mississippi bakery employees have worked with them for ten, fifteen or even twenty years. In October of 2019, one of Pirouline’s first employees, Ms. Jeanette Daniel, retired exactly 35 years to the day she was hired. Pirouline’s dedicated employees are an important part of the DeBeukelaer’s family and the key to making sure they’re able to bake the finest rolled wafers made right here in America.

It’s also the reason Pirouline is able to guarantee freshness; compare that to their competitors who make their rolled wafers in overseas factories and ship them to the States. The swirl is Pirouline’s signature, but the deliciousness is their difference.

This is what the American Dream looks like. It is simply the story of ordinary people coming together to build a better, richer, fuller life for themselves, and then inviting the next generation of dreamers to join them and share in that future.