Sometimes, the most difficult part of the holiday season is figuring out what to give your family and friends. 

At Pirouline, we love the idea of creating personalized gifts. Is the person you’re shopping for a coffee drinker, a champagne connoisseur, or perhaps an animal lover? Well, we’ve got great gift ideas for all of them. 

Here’s what happens when you’ve been good all year. It seems Santa is getting more creative for those of us on his “Nice List.” Instead of socks or a candy bar, Cathy Miller from Johnstown, Pennsylvania decided her family deserved something more decadent. Pirouline’s 3.25 OZ tins just happen to be the perfect size. Watch out Candy Canes; there’s a new swirl in town.



Can’t decide what to get your child’s teacher? 

We love this plaid mug combination made by the Basket Case Company. Fill your cup with Pirouline wafers and something to make a warm drink on a cold winter day. Our wafers go great with hot chocolate or gourmet coffee. It’s simple, sweet, and personalized. (courtesy:basket_case_co)


You certainly don’t want to show up empty-handed at the holiday dinner party. This gift idea comes to us from the Fragrance Lady in Southeast Texas. Begin with the perfect basket and fill it with items your hostess will love. Pick from Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, or Vanilla Pirouline wafers. Pair them with your favorite bottle of wine, champagne, or sparkling apple cider. (Courtesy:Frag_lady)

This one is for the animal lover in your family. Who could resist this adorable treat? Mina the Maltese fits perfectly in this extra-large Pirouline tin. Just remember to remove the wafers first. It’s a unique way to deliver a gift they’ll never forget. Plus, someone has to eat all those Piroulines!

Remember, holiday giving doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s the thought behind the gift that makes this time of year magic. (Courtesy:mina.the.maltese)