At Pirouline, we bake TWO MILLION wafers a day, which results in using a lot of materials to make the fun happen. One of the things we are deeply passionate about (besides creating the one and only magical cookie with a swirl) is managing our environmental impact in the most sustainable way possible. We believe it’s the only way to help mother nature ensure planet earth lives forever. 

Over the last three years, our team has worked tirelessly to incorporate new ideas at the bakery that help us go green.

We have already changed out almost 90% of all bakery lighting to LED and over 80% of all our waste is being recycled. We have also purchased our first air conditioning unit that uses a chiller, which reduces our need for conventional air conditioning. Our new chiller AC unit eliminates a traditional Freon gas system that’s way better for the ozone layer. 

We installed a new packing machine this year to reduce our cardboard usage by 60% on our popular 14 oz tins. A bailer has even been installed at the bakery so the cardboard can be grouped and bundled for easier recycling. Our next goal is to reduce cardboard usage on another of our most common items by 20% for 2020.

One of the biggest changes made at Pirouline recently was the opening of our new tin plant right on-site (more on this to come, we promise!) It not only reduces costs but it means we’ve eliminated all the trucks that used to bring our iconic. tins in from other places. Additionally, we only purchase formed tins from U.S. suppliers.

Last, but certainly not least, Pirouline put a brand new roof on our facility. It’s designed to reflect heat and make our building more efficient, requiring less cooling.

Here are some of the 2018 stats we’re proud of:

  • Saved 6,239 trees 
  • Saved 2,569,000 gallons of water 
  • Diverted 1,212 cubic yards of waste from landfills
  • Saved 1,468,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity daily
  • Saved 367 tons of greenhouse emissions

It’s our purpose and mission to spread as many magical moments as possible, while reducing our footprint along the way. We will continue to deliver on our commitment to leading the industry in eco forward ventures. 

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