Whether you’re slowly starting to get back to your pre-COVID life or are still isolated at home, we could all use a few new ideas to keep the kids busy. Here are some of our favorite craft and recipe finds this week.

Let’s start with one of our more sophisticated recipes, Pirouline Napoleon. It calls for 12 ingredients and will take just under two hours to complete. After layering three cookie squares, you’ll top it off with a raspberry and a Pirouline. Sounds fancy, looks elegant, and tastes even better!

This next one is for the birds, quite literally, but it’s a fun project for the kids too. These birdseed ornaments from “One Little Project” look amazing and are super simple. All you’ll need to feed the birds is some birdseed, unflavoured gelatin, corn syrup, and water. 

Now it’s time to get messy with some homemade floam slime. “Crafty Morning” shared these simple instructions that call for only four ingredients. Just pour clear glue and warm water in a bowl and mix. Then, add in the liquid starch and stir. If it’s still liquidy, add more starch until it stretches. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Need a little fresh air? This puffy sidewalk paint recipe from “The Best Ideas For Kids” only requires a few materials, and it’s such a clever spin on the traditional store-bought sidewalk chalk. Your kids will love painting with this DIY sidewalk paint this summer.

Perhaps we saved the most exciting for last; ice cream and brownies, anyone? Try this easy to bake Pirouline Ice Cream Brownie Cake. All you’ll need is Brownie mix, Moose Tracks, and our famous wafers. It’s simple, quick, and delicious.

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