The kids are back to school, the days are getting shorter, and the holidays will be here before we know it. At Pirouline, we love that the cooler weather forces the fun inside, and we get to be creative with our recycled cans.

We’re talking all things pumpkins, planters, and pencil holders. Yes, these are all DIY projects you can make with Pirouline cans. 

Pencil Holders

Since school is freshly back in session, we pulled some fall inspiration to organize your kiddos’ supplies. This is an efficient and tidy way to start the school year. You can even make new cans to match the seasons like the one seen below.

If your drawing abilities are anything like ours, you can download stencils online where the hard part is already done, and all that is left is coloring in the design. Next, apply glue to the backs of your papers and wrap them around your tins. You can use liquid glue, double stick tape, or even spray adhesive as long as it will stick well to both paper and metal!


A new season means new plants and a little TLC for your garden. @studio.katie created her own fantasy out of a Pirouline can. Her inspiration came from loving to stay indoors, drinking tea, and reading a book. That is what inspired her Hobbit Hole Planter. Hobbit Houses are famous for being built into the side of a grass-covered hill, and that’s how she decided to make this little planter so that it has a living roof. We’re rating this an A+ for imagination.


In case you missed the memo- pumpkin everything is here (Like Pumpkin Spice Piroulines), and we’re “falling” headfirst into all of the seasonal festivities. Therefore, it was only fitting that we share our favorite pumpkin decor made with a little help from yours truly! These spooky cute pumpkin cans are made with orange spray paint, a black paint marker, wooden spools, raffia, and green foam. You can find all of these items at your local arts and crafts store. 

If you are getting crafty this fall, share all of your Pirouline creations by tagging us on social @piroulinewafers. For more inspiration on how you can use recycled Pirouline cans, check us out on Pinterest

Are you looking for more ways to get your hands dirty and creative juices flowing? Enter our baking contest for a chance to win a $500 gift card! 

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