Still stuck inside and looking for something new to try? Search no further than Pirouline’s Nutella Berry Cookie Shots and a game that involves a lot of candy. Sound like a fun time? Here are some of our favorite picks to help keep you and your family busy.

Let’s begin with our Pirouline Nutella Berry Cookie Shots. They may not be exactly what you think – there’s no alcohol involved – but they are truly indulgent. Roll your dough into even balls and place them into a greased muffin tin. Eventually, you’ll get to add some Piroulines as a finishing touch. This recipe only calls for eight easy steps and can be completed in just 45 minutes.

If you’re an early riser and are in search of a new breakfast idea, you’ll just love this take on French Toast. While this breakfast staple is amazing in itself, just imagine it rolled and stuffed with fruit and cream cheese, dipped in egg, and finally covered in a cinnamon-sugar mix before being grilled on a skillet. Check out this fabulous recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything!

Now it’s time to get crafty and make something out of those empty toilet paper rolls we all have right now. This fire breathing paper roll dragon craft is so fun! It will seriously make you laugh when you see the flames coming out of the dragon’s mouth, and it’s ridiculously simple to make. Here are the complete instructions from One Little Project.

Game time! This one involves a crowd favorite, candy bars. Start by giving each player a lunch sack and have them put their name on it. Place all of your candy in the center of the table and have each player surround the table with their bag in front of them. A “win” is when a player rolls any double on the dice. When that happens, they get to choose a candy bar from the center of the table, placing it in their bag. Check out the entire playbook from Fun Squared.

Finally, it’s time to recycle. Dress up your patio with this beautiful Pirouline Clay Cacti Vase. All you’ll need is an empty Pirouline tin, clay, spray paint, and sandpaper. It takes just one hour and includes only eight simple steps.

For more baking and craft ideas, click here.


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