This summer we are in the baking mood a little bit more than normal with our 35th Anniversary Swirl Bake-Off Contest. Our team has been researching new ways to add Piroulines into their baking creations and along the way we have come across some of the more intricate, extreme cakes we have ever seen.

We’re sharing five of the most extreme cakes we’ve found – not because we are expecting anything like them for the baking contest – but because sometimes we have to push ourselves to find inspiration by looking at Mona Lisa-level cakes! 

Take a few tips from these amazing cakes to inspire you to whip up something magical in the kitchen… and maybe even win a $500 gift card.

1.Get creative with your toppings

Sometimes the only thing you need to take your cake from plain to on fire (pun intended) is getting creative with the toppings! We love how this cake uses candy, marshmallows, and Pirouline wafers to transform it into a mini-campfire.

2. Combine textures to make an easy cake look difficult

It seems like Moana is STILL a popular movie, and the Moana cakes are only getting more creative! This cake from @theflouristnyc is one of the more creative ones we have seen. The combination of icing, graham crackers, and rolled wafers makes this multi-layered cake look professional.

3. Focus more on the details and less on the size

We love anything with chocolate, but this creation from @marlypaulino on Instagram sets the standard for attention to detail. The top of the cake is almost too flawless to want to dig into… almost. Your cake doesn’t have to stand 4 feet tall to be amazing when the details are prioritized.

4. No one said you HAVE to top a cake with icing

There are two types of people: those who prefer the cake, and those who prefer the icing. If you’re looking to cut down on icing, consider doing what @simply_ambra did and layer the top of your cake with your favorite candies. This is a creative way to make your next cake special and unique.

5. It’s what’s on the inside that counts for cake too

Some of the most amazing baked creations we have ever had looked plain on the outside, but when you cut into the masterpiece, the inside looked and tasted extraordinary. This brownie and moose tracks ice cream from Brit + Co. is a great example of what would look like an ordinary cake, but is actually something spectacular.

What other tips do you have for creating caking inspiration? Share them with us in the comments, and don’t forget to enter our baking contest for a chance to win a $500 gift card!

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