Here at Pirouline, we absolutely love baking! Baking is special because baked goods are meant to be shared – which in itself creates magical moments. But one thing that makes baking even more magical is sharing the experience with your kids, which not only creates memories but also teaches them valuable skills.

Here are five reasons why you should introduce your kids to baking at a young age:

1. Baking gives kids opportunities to own responsibility

When you bake with your children, you have the chance to empower them to own a part of the process and feel the excitement of creating something with their hands. After their creations come out of the oven, they can take pride in that fact that they helped. The share that rewarding feeling of responsibility.

2. Baking teaches kids about processes

If you have a little one at home, you may be familiar with their frustration when they can’t understand that “I want mac-and-cheese” means they have to wait for it to cook, because it is a process. When you bake with your kids, you give them an inside look into processes which will teach them patience, and maybe even give you a reference point next time a mac-and-cheese meltdown is on the horizon.

Here are a few easy to follow recipes.

3. Baking teaches kids how to measure

If we all just threw in a handful of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and milk, we would be disappointed with our sad excuse for “cookies.” When you teach kids to measure and that not all ingredients are equal, you are also showing them foundational cooking skills that they will need later in life. While fractions may come in a later baking date with your children, showing them “we only need three spoonfuls of baking soda, but 6 of sugar” will help them understand this basic skill.

4. Baking together creates magical moments and memories

When you set out time to bake together, you force your attention to be on what is right in front of you. Setting out this time is important and can set the stage for making special memories with your kids that both of you will always remember. Some of our best memories center around learning Grandma’s secret cookie recipe or dad’s skills to making the perfect cake. There are hundreds of moments throughout the day that we rush by, and tons of snacks out there meant to be mindlessly consumed. Here at Pirouline, we are big believers that when you slow down enough to be present and enjoy what is in front of you, moments become more magical.


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