• Chocolate Brownie Cake
  • Ingredients
  • Package of dark or bittersweet chocolate chips 10 oz
  • Heavy cream ¾ cup
  • Brownie mix
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  • Information
  • Duration 1hr
  • Intended for 12
  • Difficulty level Easy
  • Prepares in 14 steps
  • Ingredients 3

Steps to Complete

Step 1

Chocolate Cake Recipe:
Bake a boxed chocolate cake of your choice in the desired shape. Follow recipe and directions on box. Allow to cool completely.

Step 2

Dark Chocolate Fudge Brown Recipe:
Bake a boxed brownie mix of your choice in the samedesired shape as the cake above. Follow recipe and directions on box. Allow to cool completely.

Step 3

Ganache Frosting Recipe:
Add heavy cream to a sauce pan over medium-high heat.

Step 4

Once heavy cream begins to simmer, turn the heat down to the lowest setting and add the chocolate chips.

Step 5

With a rubber spatula, fold the cream and chocolate together until chocolate begins to melt.

Step 6

Turn heat off and allow chocolate and cream to sit for 2 minutes.

Step 7

With a wire whisk, stir the melted chocolate and cream together until combined and your ganache is smooth in texture.

Step 8

How to build your Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake:
Remove your brownie and cake from their baking pans.

Step 9

Make sure the brownie and cakes are the same size. If you are planning to make a rectangular bar cake, use a long serrated knife to cut the cake and brownie to the same size using slow and steady cuts. If the cake has a rounded top, use a serrated knife to flatten the top portion.

Step 10

Once the brownie and cake are the same size, place the brownie on a wire rack and pour warm ganache over the top allowing access chocolate to drip down the sides. (*note: placing the wire rack inside a pan to catch the run off chocolate will help contain the mess).

Step 11

Carefully add the dark chocolate cake on top of the brownie as the second layer. (*hint: by placing the cake ‘bottom side up’ – helps give the cake a very flat even top).

Step 12

Again, pour the enough ganache over the top to cover the cake and allow excess to run over the sides of the cake and run off under the wire rack.

Step 13

Allow the cake and ganache to cool for about 30 minutes before adding the cookies.

Step 14

Once the ganache has had time to set, add a single layer of DeBeukelaer, Pirouline cookies of your choice. Serve at room temperature and enjoy!

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