All Natural      Made in the USA      Certified Kosher      Toasted, not baked

Our recipes have taken years of hard work to perfect and are made from only all natural ingredients.

Rolled Wafers
What’s the difference between bread and toast? A whole lot of flavor! One secret to the deliciousness of Pirouline is our unique, proprietary process which slowly toasts each rolled wafer to perfection.

Crème de Pirouline, with the trademark swirl, are filled with a decadent all natural chocolate cream made from the finest cocoa. Now available in Chocolate Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate.


Traditional Belgian Biscuits
Piroucrisps are a traditional Belgian speculoos (pronounced spek–u–loose), a caramelized cookie with a hint of cinnamon. Speculoos is a light, flavorful treat that is served with coffee and tea.

Pirouluxe are traditional Belgian rolled butter wafers. A light and subtly sweet alternative, these are butter cookies pressed flat and gently rolled into a sophisticated butter wafer.

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