Centuries of European quality all rolled up in the perfect wafer.

As the baker of Pirouline rolled wafers, the DeBeukelaer Corporation traces back 150 years of heritage, knowledge, and skill to Belgium. Now operating out of Madison, MS, our bakers still follow the same critical standards and traditions of our forefathers. With all that history behind the name, when we put DeBeukelaer on the package we promise it will be delicious and consistent every time.


  • 1860 –    Founded 1st Biscuit and Wafer company in Belgium
  • 1885 –    Recognized at World Fair in Antwerp
  • 1888 –    Started the DeBeukelaer Baking School
  • 1978 –    The Pirouline Swirl becomes a licensed trademark of DBC Corporation
  • 1984 –    Peter moves family to America to share his Heritage and begins producing Pirouline®
  • 1989 –    Crème de Pirouline innovation introduced
  • 2007 –    DBC opens state of the art production facility
  • 2008 –    100 calorie Crème de Pirouline Launched
  • 2009 –    Launched 3.25 oz tin of Crème de Pirouline
  • 2010 –     4th generation baker joins the company.