• What you need
  • Empty Pirouline Tins
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Decoupage
  • Fine Glitter
  • Information
  • Duration 45 minutes
  • Difficulty level Easy
  • Prepares in 5 steps

Steps to Complete

Step 1

Paint your tins. As you can see below, I painted my 2 tins light pink and green.

Step 2

Paint the lids black.
It will probably take 2 coats to completely cover the tins, as it did for me.

Step 3

Paint on a rectangle that is 1x2" about 1" down from the top. This is your robots face. :)

Step 4

Using black paint and a small paintbrush, outline your rectangles and paint on faces. You can also add other "robot-y" lines or buttons.

Step 5

Use a small paint brush and red paint to paint hears in the smaller rectangle, as pictured.

Now, I felt like they still needed a little something extra, so I got out the glitter (insert mad scientist laugh!).
I brushed the tins with decoupage medium, sprinkled on fine glitter (white on the green tin and pink on the pink tin). Once that had dried I gave it a second coat of decoupage to seal the glitter.