• What you need
  • Empty Pirouline Tins
  • Christmas Patterned Paper (both wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper works well)
  • Strong Craft Adhesive
  • Decoupage Medium
  • Foam Brush
  • Small Clamps (optional)
  • Paper Trimmer or Scissors
  • White Paint
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Craft Knife
  • Information
  • Duration 1 Hour
  • Difficulty level Easy
  • Prepares in 6 steps

Steps to Complete

Step 1

Cut your paper down to fit your tin. You want it to wrap completely around the fit from the bottom up to where the lid slides on.

Step 2

Use your foam brush to apply decoupage medium onto the back of your paper.

Step 3

Wrap your paper around your tin.

I like to use a small clamp (I got mine at Harbor Freight.) to hold the paper on until the adhesive completely dries.

Step 4

While your glue is drying, grab your tin lid and paint it white. It took a couple of coats to cover the print, and you can still see the embossed areas, but that doesn't bother me.

If you don't want to see the embossed/raised images on the lid, try covering it with paper or air dry clay.

Step 5

Now grab your air dry clay. This is the stuff I used-

Now I'm going to show you how to make the 3 shapes I used- bone, fish and tomato, but feel free to get creative and try your own shapes! A mouse, perhaps? Or a carrot? Whatever your furry friend likes.

I recommend having a small bowl of water to dip your fingers in while working with the clay. It helps to have wet fingers to smooth the clay out.

To make a bone-

1. Roll out a piece of air dry clay into a fat log shape, about 2" long.
2. Use a craft knife to cut a slit into each end, about 1/2" deep.
3. Use wet fingers to smooth out your bone shape and round off the corners.

To make a fish-

1. Create a tear drop shape that is about 2" long.
2. Use a craft knife to cut a slit into the pointed end of your tear drop shape.
3. Use wet fingers to work the two ends into fins.

To make a tomato-

1. Sculpt a pinch of clay into a 1" ball. Use wet fingers to try and smooth out and lumps.
2. Take a small piece of clay and flatten it out.
3. Use a craft knife to cut it into a star shape, as shown.
4. Place the star shape on top of the tomato, and a really tiny ball of clay on top for a stem.

I like to wet the clay just a little bit before sticking two pieces together.
Let your clay dry.

Step 6

6. Use strong adhesive to glue your clay sculptures onto the tops of your lids.