• What you need
  • Teapot Handle Pattern
  • Empty Pirouline Tin
  • Floral Fabric
  • Cardboard
  • Felt
  • Adhesive
  • Baker's Twine
Mother’s Day is coming up and I always love making a little handmade gift for my Mom, no matter how old I am. 🙂 If you do as well, you may love my project today!
My plan is to fill this little teapot up with some favorite teas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!
  • Information
  • Duration 40 minutes
  • Difficulty level Easy
  • Prepares in 6 steps

Steps to Complete

Step 1

Start by covering your empty tin in a pretty floral fabric. Cut the fabric down to the correct size, apply glue to the tin, and then wrap the fabric around the tin.

Step 2

Download the teapot handle pattern (found in the supply list above), and cut the handles out of cardboard.

Step 3

Adhere felt to both sides of the cardboard handles. Also cut out a small felt heart as a "tea bag tag".

Step 4

Use hot glue to adhere the handles to each side of the tin, as pictured below. Hot glue will dry fast, so just hold the handles in place as it dries.

Step 5

Tie your felt heart to a piece of baker's twine, and adhere the end to the inside edge of the tin, so that it hangs out like a real tea bag tag would.

Step 6

And that's it! I'm a tea lover myself, so I am so pleased with how this project turned out!

You could also include some Pirouline cookies in the Mother's day gift to go along with the tea! Yum!
Do you do handmade Mother's Day gifts?